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The Story of GreatnessWear.com...

Where it all started was about 10 years ago, after I gotten married... While I was first working on the idea of possibly becoming a Life Coach... and with a kiddo on the way...  One of my mentors were teaching me about the power of good words and phrases and them getting in your head and helping your brain create Amazing things.

And this phrase came into my mind... I am Greatness... and thinking that having a shirt that just said I am Greatness was a little too bold because Hey, we are all far from being prefect... I thought a step further... I am in training for Greatness and this lead to the thought of "I am Greatness in training".

And as I thought of having a little kiddo coming into our lives and we were responsible for a lot of the Training this kiddo was to get to learn to become great and to help me remember to that they were in fact "in training" and that I needed to be patient with myself and with this new little one for a very long time to come.

And the Greatness Wear Brand was "born"... and has expanded into more than just a little "one-se" to remind me of the importance of helping my kiddo's grow into something great, but into a Brand that
"inspires Greatness". We All have "Seeds" of Greatness inside of us and we need to help them grow! Remembering this will help us nourish that Greatness to grow. These T-shirts will help us to remember good things that will help us grow and think better. And as Coaches (whether it is of our kid's or of our friend's or other's we meet) these saying will help spread the good things and help inspire the Greatness inside of us.

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